Given the glum forecast for our national economy we seem to have dodged a bullet locally.  We are doubly blessed that our strong local economy translates into a strong local real estate market.   With stable prices and huge tax incentives now is a great time to buy that brand new home you’ve been considering for months now.


First warning:  If you want the best selection you had better hurry. 

Second warning:  If you want to move in by August you had better hurry.


I only have ten homes under $140,000 and fifteen homes between $140,000 and $150,000 that will be complete before August.   The rest are already sold. Considering that we are selling a home every 48 hours you can see how fast these last homes are going to go.


Remember my January Blog?  We talked about how home sales start to pick up steam in March and tend to peak in July and August.  That’s exactly what’s happening.  Remember – the best homes go first!  Don’t get stuck in that rental for another year! Don’t miss out on $8,000 in FREE MONEY. (See last blog) Come on in and let’s start the process of getting you into your brand new home.


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