Signs of emerging optimism concerning our economy….

Signs of emerging optimism concerning our economy…. NEW YORK – Toyota Motor Corp. will pour $1 billion into a major U.S. marketing campaign in the fourth quarter, as the Japanese automaker bets on a recovery in the ailing auto market here.

The sum is “more than we’ve spent before” in the period, spokesman Irv Miller said. The fourth quarter is typically a strong sales season for automakers, who often launch big end-of-the-year promotions to drum up sales of new model-year vehicles. Toyota rolls out its “Toyotathon” marketing and sales blitz in November.

“We see the economy is starting to strengthen a bit,” Miller said. “We’ve stopped playing defense. It’s time to go on the offense.” (MSNBC News 09/07/09)

We here at Stylecraft have never stopped playing offense. Oh sure, we made certain that processes were in place to ensure we were not wasting money and opportunities, but we never put our head in the sand, wishing it would all go away. On the contrary, we continue to forge ahead with a smart business plan to sustain us, ensuring we are here for our Buyers. A successful owner of a large hotel chain recently said that “a recession is not the time to stop putting out fresh flowers in the lobby”. The opposite is actually true! It’s with that attitude the Stylecraft continues to thrive.

Eric Walley

Senior Sales Executive

Stylecraft Builders


One Response to Signs of emerging optimism concerning our economy….

  1. John Pohly says:

    Are you seeing much of a boost for Stylecraft Builders from the tax credit-benefits for the luxury home market? We see a lot of urgency in the $100K to $300K, buyers. I speculate we will see a lot more in higher end properties by end of 2009!

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