Act Now – Time is Running Out!!!

Time is Running Out!

The time is now for all of the first time homebuyers out there!  Why do I proclaim such a candid statement?  Well, there are only a limited number of homes that can close in the time that is required by the Federal Government tax credit for first time homebuyers!  Limited numbers, really?  Yes and the reason are that the other first time homebuyers are already capitalizing on the best deals in town!  If you want to be able to pick your choice of some of the best remaining homes, now is the time!

How long does it take to close a loan?  It depends!  For the most part, lenders need 30 days to close on a loan.  Although there are some out there like Stylecraft’s preferred lender, Wallick & Volk, that can get some loans done in 15 days!  So how does that affect the home buyer?  First, let’s look at our time line.  November 30th is the last day to close on a home loan that qualifies for a first time homebuyer.  So let’s assume the standard 30 days to close on the loan.  That takes us to October 31st to have your home picked out and contract written between the buyer(s) and the builder (seller).  With that in mind I am sure you are saying, well today is the 1st of October, so why the rush to pick a home?

Again, the best homes will go first!  Inventory is limited and we will have fewer and fewer homes for you to choose if you delay past TODAY in your home search!

So, where do you go from here if you are a first time homebuyer?

Come into your local Stylecraft Builders Model Homes to speak to one of our professional staff that can assist you in the process!  If you are not sure if you qualify, that’s ok.  Come on in and let us help you figure out the requirements for a home loan and see if we can get you into one of our Brand New Stylecraft Homes today!

Remember, time is really running out!  Are you going to let someone else pick your dream house before you?

Jason Sapp

Sales Associate

Stylecraft Builders


2 Responses to Act Now – Time is Running Out!!!

  1. Paul says:

    You are right, we are pretty much past the point of no return with the current home buyer tax credit. I have heard that they extended the credit to men and women who served in the armed forces! I hope that they are seriously considering an extension for all new home buyers as well.

  2. Holly Marshall says:

    I am a Texas Realtor, the $8000.00 first time homebuyer tax credit has been a success, we definately need an extension till the end of 2010 at least. It does take a minimum of 45 to 60 days for transactions to close now, the days are getting numbered, we do not want to see are markets frozen and our – consumers want and need all the assurance that they can get!

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