Great news for the new home market.

The Houston Business Journal is reporting that new home sales are growing again in the United States, and here in Texas, one might be cautiously optimistic that this trend signals a bright future for the new homes industry. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, new home sales grew by nearly 27 percent from February to March this year, one of the largest nationwide gains to occur in 50 years. Some of those statistics are being credited to the better weather, now that spring is here, as well as the fact that new home buyers have been cashing in on the government’s homebuyer tax credit that just expired at the end of last month. So what does all this good news mean to you if you’re considering the purchase of a new home? Clearly now is the time to buy. Buyer confidence is greater and with each day, less risk is involved because the real estate market is becoming stronger.
Here in Texas, the real estate market has weathered the economic storm of the past few years better than many states in the country. But, with the nationwide rise in home buying we can only expect that our stable housing situation will become even stronger in the months and years to come—good news for the people who are thinking of investing in a home here, To learn more how to begin planning for your new home, email us today.

On a side note: B-CS MLS has recorded 93 more sales for first 4 months of 2010 than 2090. Market improving; up 18.2% over 2009!

Stylecraft Builders – Central Texas’ New Home Builder


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