A new home plus new schools pack a wonderful one-two punch for homebuyers.

The Eagle reported recently that construction is officially underway for two new schools in College Station: The College Station High School and Greens Prairie Elementary School. The high school alone will cost $101 million and is slated to open in August 2012. The elementary school, scheduled to open in August 2011, will cost about $17.8 million. Why the need for these two beautiful new schools in this area, conveniently located near Stylecraft Builders’ new Sonoma community? More than double the number of students is anticipated for this area of Texas at some point in the near future. Superintendent Eddie Coulson suggests that the current enrollment of 10,000 children could jump to 25,000 students; hence the need for new schools.

The demand is due in part to a booming economy and real estate market. The Sonoma community will complement these new schools by offering affordable elegance with popular new home styles of Tuscan, French Country, and Neo-Traditional exteriors. Plus, with a community centered around family—Sonoma includes a community playground and is close to the schools and local parks—new homebuyers can live in the popular south-end of College Station, reap the benefits of brand new schools, while living in a safe, new community. Currently, the Creek View Elementary and Cypress Grove Intermediate Schools are the schools of choice for this community, but as the area grows, and the new schools are added, families will have excellent choices for their children’s education.

While homes in Sonoma are already under construction, there is still time for new home buyers to customize and personalize the interior of their new home with interior fixtures, appliances, and other aesthetics. Email us today to find out more about the Sonoma community and how living here will benefit your family.

Stylecraft Builders – Central Texas’ New Home Builder


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