August means back-to-school values in real estate

In the month of August, parents and students start preparing for the annual back-to-school experience. Stocking up on school supplies, upgrading the computer or cell phone plan, and refreshing the wardrobe are tops on the student list. But “real estate” is also a consideration at this time of year.

In Bryan-College Station, home of The Fighting Texas Aggies, we see a lot of real estate activity in the month of August. Rental properties become more and more scarce as the students return for the fall semester. Parents are also seeing that purchasing a home in Bryan-College Station is a smarter housing investment than dorm fees & rentals. Their student can live in the home, potentially with other rent-paying students, and the parents gain equity in a property that is situated in a desirable area, if they chose to resell after graduation. At Stylecraft Builders, we have several new homes available, but we can also help you plan ahead for a future student. You can choose your lot and customize your home. We also have many floor plans in various stages of completion to help meet your timeline.

If you want to turn college into an investment that delivers both educational and financial returns, talk to us about home-buying in Bryan-College Station.


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