“Why move to Bryan-College Station, Texas?”

September 29, 2010

So many regions have taken a serious hit during the recession. Businesses close, jobs are lost, and residents move away. But in the midst of this troubling economy, a phenomenon has gathered strength: the megaregion. A megaregion is a cluster of metropolitan areas (two or more) that share significant infrastructure, like transportation and environmental systems.

Right here in Bryan-College Station, we’re in the heart of a highly regarded megaregion: the Texas Triangle. Encompassing 60,000 square miles, the Texas Triangle is bordered by Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Approximately 15 million people live in the 66 counties here, equivalent to the combined populations of Connecticut, Delaware, and Massachusetts.

This high-growth region of Texas has a long-standing history in the industries of oil and gas extraction, petroleum and coal products, trucking, warehousing, high-tech, and air transportation—all vital to our economy. As such, the region continues to deliver the goods and services our country needs, keeping the area robust. The unemployment rate is well below the national standard. And these happily employed workers are building and buying homes in the security of an area of the country that has remained relatively recession-proof.

Living in Bryan-College Station gives you easy access to the industries that are thriving. And with a solid economy, investing in a home presents an opportunity to own property that will appreciate—a rarity today—because of the growing demand to live here.

Now is a great time to consider a move to Bryan-College Station. Enjoy the culture, academic influence of Texas A&M, a strong infrastructure, stable economy, and a lifestyle that meets your desires. Contact Stylecraft Builders today and let us show you how easy it is to own a new home in a thriving community.

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College Station, Texas – Makes the Top Ten list for raising families

September 22, 2010

Kiplinger.com published its annual list of “10 Great Cities for Raising Families” in August, and we’re excited to report that College Station showed up as number three! The recommendations were based on a variety of factors: job growth, health economies, vibrant local culture, quality of public schools (from GreatSchools.org), low crime rates (based on FBI studies), and quantity and quality of parks and recreation.

According to the review, “Great public schools and low crime aren’t the only draws of this small Texas city. College Station has also seen steady growth and a low unemployment rate of 6.9%. Plus, there are plenty of cultural and athletic events at Texas A&M University, an interactive children’s museum, dozens of parks, and playgrounds on the shores of nearby Lake Bryan.”

The school system received a rating of 8 on a scale of 10 from GreatSchools.org, but parents ranked many individual schools even higher!

Those of us who live and work in Bryan-College Station already know that our community is thriving. At Stylecraft Builders, we’ve been busy constructing new homes for incoming residents, including many families who discovered the quality of life offered here even before Kiplinger.com recognized it.

In today’s world, it’s a real challenge finding a safe, stimulating, and friendly environment to raise children. And this type of positive community doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of residents who care for and respect not just each other, but the spaces around them. If this sounds like your kind of place, we’d love to help you find your new home.

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Owning a New Home Vs Renting

September 15, 2010

Owning a home is still a smarter investment than renting. When the economy spiraled downward and home values followed—just not in Bryan-College Station—many people shied away from home ownership and opted for renting instead. There are many reasons why there are still far more advantages to owning a home than renting, even in this economy:

1. A mortgage payment is an investment. Rent is an expense.

Paying rent will give you no return. Your monthly mortgage is building equity in an investment.

2. Ownership has tax benefits.

You still enjoy deductions for mortgage interest, property tax, and home improvements. Renting provides none.

3. A home gains value.

In spite of the current situation, property values will increase. A rental property only gains value for the landlord.

4. Freedom.

Owning a home gives you the freedom to decorate, to landscape, and to live in your own space. A renter needs to ask for permission.

Look at your lifestyle and consider your future goals. Home prices and interest rates make buying a home more affordable than ever. When you add in the other advantages, can you really afford not to buy a home right now? Talk to us at Stylecraft Builders and we can help you find the right home and make it as easy as possible to make renting a thing of the past.

Interview with Jordan Meserole about LobsterFest 2010 – Bryan-College Station, Texas

September 2, 2010

On Sunday September 19, the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce will welcome more than 500 guests to the annual ‘LobsterFest’ at the Brazos Center. With fresh lobster from Maine, steaks by Outback, along with a live and silent auction, this is a fun-filled night that no one should miss. Then the next day on September 20, close to 200 golfers will tee off in our annual Golf Classic at Traditions Club. Both events serve as the Chamber’s main fundraiser for the year, which helps the non-profit organization host the many community, educational, and leadership programs it hosts throughout the year. For more information on how you can be a part of LobsterFest, the Golf Classic, or both contact the Chamber at 979-260-5200.

Get your fill of great dining choices in Bryan-College Station

September 1, 2010

Dining out has taken a hit in some areas where the recession has caused many residents to trim their entertainment budgets. But, as we’ve reported here before, Bryan-College Station has remained rather recession-proof. Yet another testament to our economic stability is the growth of dining establishments in our area.

We currently have 126 restaurants in Bryan and 176 in College Station, but according to reports from the Brazos County Health Department, permit applications for new food establishments has been staggering: 867 so far this year!

Wendy Saari of the Texas Restaurant Association says food establishments in Texas are faring much better than other regions that were harder hit by the economic downfall. Bryan-College Station has recently welcomed the addition of a Cracker Barrel franchise, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Fuego Tortilla Grill, Honey Baked Ham, and the Church Street Blues and BBQ Bar. A Los Lucos Mexican Café, Chuy’s and Tony Roma’s are also being built at present. The growth in restaurants coincides with an equally robust increase in retail expansion in Bryan-College Station.

From take-out to casual dining to fine food, residents in the area have a hearty choice of eateries in neighborhoods throughout the region, where good living is always on the menu.

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