Forbes names Bryan-College Station one of the “Best Small Cities for Jobs”

Those of us who live in Texas know that it’s a great place, but Forbes Magazine is also cheering the Lone Star State and Bryan-College Station, in particular, for employment seekers. The magazine just released its annual list of “Best Cities for Jobs”. Texas cities dominated every category: Big, Mid-size, and Small Cities.

Texas cities took three of the top five spots in both the Mid-size and Small Cities categories, and four out of five in the Big Cities grouping.

Bryan-College Station held its third place ranking on the national list for the second year in a row. The magazine noted that this region posted a 1.7% non-farm job increase—modest growth but stellar in comparison with the rest of the country.

Killeen, Texas, ranked number one on the Small Cities list. At Stylecraft Builders, we’ve just begun building in this city because we see the need for quality, affordable new homes as the city attracts new residents.

“Whatever they are drinking in Texas, other states may want to imbibe,” commented the article’s author Joel Kotkin.

We’re drinking in the good life here in Bryan-College Station. Job opportunities are increasing, the infrastructure is strong, and home values are great.

If you’re interested in exploring a move to Bryan-College Station, talk to us at Stylecraft Builders.

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