Turn your back yard into an outdoor room.

Interior decorating has evolved into “exterior decorating” when it comes to today’s patio. Advances in building materials and fabrics have created more choices than ever for furnishings that can weather the outdoors. So, the patio that was once limited to a grill and some basic furniture has taken on an entirely new look, turning your back yard into more living space.

When planning your patio décor, think of this space as another room in your home. Lay out the furniture as you would if you had walls and windows. Where do you want to be looking when sitting on your patio? What’s the traffic pattern to the door? What color palette do you want to use? With so many fabrics that are now weatherproof, you don’t have to limit your color choices.

Just like an interior room, you have a variety of “flooring” options. Patio surfaces include bricks, patio stones, slate (also known as flagstone), concrete (including colored, stenciled, or engraved concrete), cobblestone, and even tile (like terracotta). You can create an artisanal look with patterned stone or go simple and add an outdoor rug, which is now available in colors and patterns that look as great inside and they do outside.

Stylecraft Builders offers a 10’ X 10’ patio on every new home we build, with the added option of a covered space. Our homeowners love having this “bridge” between indoor and outdoor living. If you’re considering a move to the Bryan-College Station, Brenham, Huntsville, Killeen, or Waco areas of Texas, come talk to us about getting the most amenities for your new home.


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