Living high with a low cost of living

Location, location, location! That’s the battle cry of the real estate world. A great house in a les then stellar location reduces its value. So it was good news when Kiplinger recognized that Texas cities boast some of the lowest cost of living in the U.S. right now. We know that the location is ideal but now more people are learning that they can live in a desirable area, a beautiful home, and do it affordably.

Half of Kiplinger’s list of the “10 U.S. Cities With the Cheapest Cost of Living” are located in Texas: Brownsville, Fort Hood, Sherman, Waco, and Austin. Interestingly, Austin was also listed as first on the list of  “The Next Big Boom Towns in the U.S.” by Forbes in its July 2011 issue.

“The cities on our least-expensive list all have housing prices well under $250,000; homes in one city average less than $200,000. Overall cost of living in these metro areas falls 15% to 20% below the national average,” the report explained.

The study used U.S. Census data for metropolitan areas and the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, which measures prices for a variety of categories, including consumer goods, housing, transportation, utilities, and health care.

I’ve often talked about the health of the Texas economy and its low unemployment, but the news keeps streaming in to support the fact that Texas offers not only a wonderful, diverse, and healthy lifestyle, but also a truly affordable one.

Here in Bryan-College Station, we’re close to Austin and are seeing the growth that’s occurring. New businesses. New jobs. New homes. New residents. With all the bad news happening around the country, we’re glad to be situated in a bright spot. If you want to join us, talk to Stylecraft Builders about putting yourself in a brand, new home where the future is bright.



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