Rebuilding a home—and a life

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When a wildfire ripped through Bastrop, Texas, on September 4, 2011, about 600 homes and 30,000 acres were destroyed. Among the charred remains were the Word of Life Community Church and the adjacent home of its pastors, Mike and Debbie Vega. Luckily, the Vega family was unharmed, although of their personal belongings are gone forever.

A member of our own Stylecraft Builders family, Jeff French, has gathered his church community and, on February 25, they will begin rebuilding the Vegas’ home. Volunteers from the First Methodist Church in Bryan will be joined by the Rock Church Ministries, coming all the way from Sandown, NH.

At Stylecraft Builders, we recognize that it takes skill to build a house, but requires heart to make a home. We are thankful that we can offer both in order to help a family that his given so much help to others.

If you’re interesting in donating your time or money, please visit

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  1. I’m a member at FUMC of Bryan and am proud that these Churches, Stylecraft and our community are banded together to help our fellow Texans in need! Great job everyone!

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