USDA loans offer 100% financing in rural areas


If you’re considering buying a new home and a rural area is on your radar, you might be able to take advantage of a USDA mortgage that requires no money down! The USDA is encouraging homeowners to live in rural regions of the country with this 100% financing mortgage program.

In 2009, the USDA closed on $16 billion in rural home loans. These mortgages are not just for farms or farmers. The program is applicable for specific counties and zip codes outside of metropolitan areas, and approval is based on current income, credit history, and the number of dependents you claim on your taxes. You do not need to have served in the military. Click here to see if you qualify for a USDA home loan.

Stylecraft Builders has four Texas communities that qualify geographically for the USDA home loan:


With the USDA home loan and our $500 Move-In Program, you could move into a brand new home in one of these growing communities with just $500. Imagine the comfort, luxury, and value of living in a new home—not a fixer-upper—with brand new appliances, exceptional details and craftsmanship, and a desirable location. With Stylecraft Builder’s $500 Move-In Program and a no-money-down USDA home loan, you can be living your dream instead of waiting for the day when you have the down payment! Contact us for more details and to learn about immediately available homes and your custom options on new construction.


3 Responses to USDA loans offer 100% financing in rural areas

  1. Ernest Trevino says:

    Hello my names Ernest and im Intrested in you 500 dollar move in program, and woukd like to know more information about it. I live in brenham, tx and seen the signs.there in a new construction area.

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