Eeny Meeny Miney Mo?

You may or may not be wondering how we chose Stylecraft Builders ( to build our house. If you were reading the last entry carefully, you would know that the owner of Stylecraft (Randy French) is a friend of Joe’s. Of course, that weighed heavily in our decision, but there were several other factors that we considered.

First, we knew we would not be building a true custom home from one of the more expensive builders in town. We can’t afford a luxury home in an exclusive community with all the bells and whistles, but we still wanted a nice home. We didn’t want a home that looked cheap or would need the carpet, flooring, and appliances replaced in a couple of years because they were not good quality.

Stylecraft’s mission statement says it all:

“Merely follow the Golden Rule. Build each home as if you are building it for yourself – treat each customer with the respect they deserve and make the building process a positive experience with can-do attitude and integrity.”

We were really impressed with the features that come standard with our home: granite countertops, tile and laminate flooring, cedar fence, sprinkler system, etc. Before we signed our contract, we went to the model homes and also went to a home that was nearing completion. I am pretty sure it was when we saw that home, that Joe and I both knew that we were going to build a home and that Stylecraft was going to build it for us. We walked into a dusty home under construction that still managed to be a beautiful home that felt homey and luxurious all at the same time. And it wasn’t even finished yet!

Another thing that sold us on Stylecraft was the reaction we got from our realtor friends when we told them that we were building with Stylecraft. Each person congratulated us and told us that not only will we get a nice home, but also a nice home building experience.

Finally, and most important to us, was the knowledge that the people who work for Stylecraft are good people. Randy French has a reputation for helping others in the community and being a man of his word. The company actually built an Extreme Makeover house several years ago taking up tons of time and resources to make it all happen. While we know our house won’t be built in 7 days, we are positive that they will build us the house we want with the quality we expect!


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