Packing Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition into Your New Stylecraft Home!

After experiencing the high of purchasing a beautiful new Stylecraft home, many times, soon after comes the low of realizing what lies ahead…. the dreaded move! However, with careful planning and forethought, this seemingly overwhelming task can be quite manageable.  Here are some tips to help you have a successful move while keeping your sanity!


1.  Make a plan and start early! Begin to plot out your packing and moving plan a couple of months before your big moving day.  You can even start boxing up things you don’t use frequently several weeks before which will make things easier down the road.

2. Purge! If you don’t need it, don’t move it!!

3. Make sure to purchase and gather all your packing supplies in advance. The last thing you will want to do is stop in the middle of packing to go to the store.  Make sure you have plenty of boxes in various sizes, packing tape, newspaper and/or bubble wrap, and a marker for labeling.

4. Before you begin to box your belongings, make sure you keep essential items separate that you will need right away. Also, separate your valuables to ensure they will not get lost.

5. Keep items from the same room in the same box if possible.

6. Label ALL boxes; put the room it will go to in the new house and a brief description of the contents in the box.

7. Put heavier items on the bottom of boxes.

8. Make sure not to over pack a box; the limit should be 40-50 lbs. (It is best to put heavier items in smaller boxes.)

9. Use t-shirts, socks, etc. to cushion fragile items.

10. Make sure the tops of boxes can close completely and are flat. If not, items in the box can become damaged when other boxes are stacked on top.

11. Start moving boxes out of the way as you pack them and put them into one central place so it is easy to tell what is left to pack.

12. Start moving a little at a time. Every time you make a trip to the new home, take something with you!

13. If you plan on having friends help you on moving day, make sure to plan ahead and write out a list of how they can help.


If done properly, packing and moving doesn’t have to be an event that will make you want to pull your hair out! If you follow these steps, you will be relaxing in your Stylecraft home before you realize it!



**Stylecraft Builders is an affordable New Home Builder in Central Texas. We are currently building in Brenham, Bryan, College Station, Conroe, Huntsville, Navasota, Killeen and Fort Hood, and Waco, Texas. **

Feel Free to Contact me Tanner Brewster the Online Sales Consultant for Stylecraft Builders:

Cell – 1-866-977-0998



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