Stylecraft Builders is Revving up for a Design Studio Revamp!

May 1, 2013

Stylecraft Builders is under construction! To keep up with the ever evolving trends and style, Stylecraft is in the process of renovating its College Station “Design Studio.”  This new space will have a modern and fresh look that will provide the perfect setting to inspire homeowners while making selections for their brand new Stylecraft home.

Old Look



If you’ve visited the design studio in the past, be prepared to be amazed at the incredible transformation that is taking place! There will be centers throughout the space designated for the different selection options such as carpeting, paint, exterior brick and stone, tile, lighting fixtures, and more.

The new studio is scheduled to be completed within the next few weeks, and Stylecraft Builders will be hosting an “open house” party for everyone to come and view the makeover. Stay tuned for more details, we would love for you to come celebrate the excitement and growth with us!


**Stylecraft Builders is an affordable New Home Builder in Central Texas. We are currently building in Brenham, Bryan, College Station, Conroe, Huntsville, Navasota, Killeen and Fort Hood, and Waco, Texas. **

Feel Free to Contact me Tanner Brewster the Online Sales Consultant for Stylecraft Builders:

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1-1604.1649 Floor Plan by Stylecraft Builders

August 25, 2010

This beautiful Tuscan or New French Country style home is filled with amenities and style!  Home includes granite countertops throughout, oak cabinetry, laminate flooring in living, dining and kitchen, ceramic tile in baths and utility, master suite includes a separate shower/garden tub and a spacious game room upstairs!  Everything about this home delivers style, craftsmanship, and spaciousness!  Come and see why Stylecraft Builders is Central Texas’s New Home Builder.

Tanner Brewster
Online Sales Consultant

Do you know what your credit score really is?

April 15, 2010

Credit card fraud and identity theft are hot topics in the news these days—and with good reason. In 2008, nearly 10 million people were affected by identity theft. With more people shopping online, using debit cards freely, and even utilizing smartphones to do financial business, it’s no wonder that, for many, their credit scores are at risk as well.

Despite the fact that credit card fraud and identity theft are adding to the headaches of potential homebuyers looking to secure a loan, your credit score is still affected by the fundamentals that have always either made your scores sore or sink.

• Late payments to credit cards is the number one killer of a credit score. Just one late payment alone could drop your credit score by more than 100 points.

• Carrying a big balance on a credit card doesn’t help either.

• One surprising credit score killer is actually closing a line of credit. It may make sense to close one account if you never use it and have another credit card that is active. But it can change your debt to utilization ratio, ultimately affecting your score.

• The same holds true for opening a line of credit because now you are immediately at a higher risk.

• Defaulting on a loan is the biggie, which could bring your credit score down by as much as 200 points or more.

The bottom line is you must be a vigilant advocate for your credit score as you make various day-to-day financial transactions. Having an understanding of what increase your score versus decreasing it will help you to be better prepared when you’re ready to apply for a loan for your new home.

Stylecraft Builders

Stylecraft Builders – Central Texas’ New Home Builder

The Anatomy of a Great Kitchen Design

March 31, 2010

Often the kitchen is the focal point for socializing and living in a home. The aroma of tasty food simmering on the stove invites people in to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. It’s common to see a family gathered around a kitchen island preparing meals together, or friends catching up over a glass of wine. If you walk into a kitchen showroom in a Home Depot or Lowes, you probably feel like you’ve walked into heaven. Long granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, never-ending cabinet and storage space. The same holds true if you flip through the pages of a kitchen remodeling magazine. The designs are gorgeous and the photographers make it look so easy to design your dream kitchen.

But when reality sets in, what is the real starting point for designing a kitchen in your new home?

• Determine your budget. Talk to a few designers and your builder about the range of expenses that people are investing in their kitchens.

• Identify your priorities. What are the most important features for you? How will you use your kitchen for “living”?

• Sketch a rough design that provides flow for both work and socializing. Is your space large enough for an island, or will it cut the room in half making it hard to work around? Collaborate with your builder in the initial stages of your home design to determine what is realistic within the overall home plan.

• Consult a kitchen designer and builder to determine the functionality of your ideas. They can offer alternatives that can improve the productivity, save you money, or both!

Your kitchen must work as a system, with each component complementing the next. Consider style, function, plumbing needs, and what will work aesthetically with all the mechanical needs of the space. Scheduling, budgeting and planning are at the backbone of great kitchen design. To skip these steps and simply buy what you like at your home service store is a recipe for disaster.

Stylecraft Builders